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Product Creation eBook

By Quentin Brown

Digital Product Creation

Training eBook

In this eBook I am going to take you through the whole process of chosing and developing your own Digital Products. Once you have completed the eBook you can acess our free training where we get into the nitty gritty of Digital Production Creation.

Finally you can join our paid program for a small fee and access me directly as your mentor where I give you access to a whole range of video training and I do zoom calls where you can ask question and we develop your digital product.

Best Selling Author

Quentin Brown

 This is my wife Pam and I on a trip to China. I have been a Digital Product Creator since 1998 when I started building websites and writing training ebooks to supplement my income as an accounts clerk for a charity.

I was able to go full time in 2003 with the release of my first streaming audio software. Over the years I have created a wide number of different Digital Products and trained a lot of  people in how to do it themselves.

As a semi retired product creator I have time to help you with your products and love workinbg with people in this industry. Read the free ebook and we can go from there.

Quentin & Pam

Published EBooks/Magazines

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Other Books

dynamic qrcode cover

QR Codes

We have developed a very successful QR Code generating program for both Dynamic and Static QR Codes

Australian retirement handbook

Retirement Success

How to retire successfully in Australia and not just about the money but lifestyle.

product Creation Magazine


Over the years we have created magazines, video training, courses and many other digital products and services.


“Creating digital products isn’t just about coding and design; it’s about understanding people, solving problems, and crafting experiences that bring value to the world.”

– Quentin Brown

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Benefits of Digital Product Creation

Benefits of Digital Product Creation

The Benefits of Digital Product Creation as an Online Business Model I have been a digital product creator since 1998 and started with ebooks and moved on to websites. I then developed one of the first streaming audio software products to work on dialup and then moved...

Creating a successful digital product

Creating a successful digital product

Creating a successful digital product involves a number of key foundational steps: Identify a market need: The most successful digital products address a real need or problem in the market. Therefore, the first step in creating a digital product is to identify a gap...

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